I have limited quantities of over twenty species of native Texas and adaptive hardwoods as well as a few softwoods.  I have many large flitches (slabs with both natural edges, also called live edge slabs) of pecan and oak, perfect for that one-of-a-kind project you may have.   I have regular 4/4, 6/4 and 8/4 rough sawn lumber  and some thicker boards that are great for tables, counter tops, bar tops,headboards, mantels and furniture.  I also have a large amount of wood for lathe turning--bowl blanks, etc.

WOOD TYPES:  Red Oak, Post Oak, Bur Oak, Water oak,  Live Oak, Pecan, Hickory, Ash, Mulberry, Hackberry, Chinaberry (Persian Lilac), Boxelder, Walnut, Sycamore, Elm, Chinese Pistachio, Paulownia, Cottonwood, Bodarc (Bois d'arc or Osage Orange), Cherry, Apricot, Willow, Mesquite, Aromatic Cedar (Eastern Red Cedar), Cypress, Loblolly Pine, Longleaf Pine (reclaimed barnwood), and Deodar Cedar ( a true cedar, cousin to the Lebanon Cedar)

***The pictures are representative of the types of wood I have on hand OR have had in the past but are now sold


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