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Bill Stuewe with 72 inch chainsaw sawing 65 inch  pecan
lumber' live oak, pecan, mesuite, hackberry, sawmill red oak, white oak, elm, ash, pine,

-Officially:   Stuewe Woodworking LLC

dba Bill's Woodshop Sawmill and Lumber

Woodworking sawmill
furniture, table, chair, bed, boxes, chests, woodworking, sawmill

I started doing a little woodworking in 1997, and began accumulating tools.  In 1999 I happened onto a 24" diameter walnut log and took it to a local sawmill for milling and became hooked on sawmilling.  I bought a Logosol chainsaw sawmill in 2001 and over the years have sawn over 12000bf of mostly 4/4 lumber using a Stihl 066 chainsaw.  I also built a solar kiln that year.  In 2009 I added an Alaskan 60" chainsaw sawmill powered by a Stihl MS880 and in 2011 I up-graded to a 72" Alaskan with a 6' bar shown at right.  In mid 2010 I acquired a used Woodmizer LT40 fully hydraulic bandsaw sawmill and a Nyle L200 kiln.  Also, on January 31, 2010 I retired from selling Insurance and became a “full time woodworker”.  In December of 2018 I bought a Lucas Dedicated Slabber  sawmill with a capacity of cutting a log up to 76" wide and 20' long.  In January 2023 I formed Stuewe Woodworking LLC and dba Bill's Woodshop Sawmill and Lumber. One of the benefits of owning my own sawmill is that I can saw any species of tree or log.  With a sawmill capability of up to 76" in width there are not many trees in Central Texas that I cannot convert to lumber for your  personalized project.  I have built custom tables, cabinets, an aspen log bed, mantels, keepsake, jewelry and domino boxes and various other types of custom furniture.  I also do woodturning lathe work turning mostly bowls and spindles (table legs).

***The pictures of boards on this website are representative of the types of wood I have on hand OR have had in the past but  many  boards shown are now sold and therefore no longer available and have been replaced by a continuously changing inventory. 

 1901 County Road 153, Georgetown TX;;   512-863-5006

Location:  10 miles NE of Georgetown; 30 miles N. of Austin, 30 miles S of Temple

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