I have always thought the word "Blog" to be a weird one--who came up with that?  Why?  Until at a party last night I told a friend that I had added a "Blog" to my website and he said, "A blog, that is a "log" with a "b" in it".  So now I , being a woodworker, can comfortably "b"log, knowing now that it has something to do with woodworking.

Solar Kiln Build Instructions

I mentioned building a solar Kiln early on in my woodworking career and in 2011 I did an article for Logosol on that project (see below) and later uploaded it to Scribd, (https://www.scribd.com/document/75185056/Solar-Kiln-by-Bill-Stuewe) I use this kiln quit a bit . I have dried 8/8 loblolly pine in 10 days from wet log to 7% MC. White oat takes about 4 months to get to 8%. When I have to buy pressure treated lumber, which as you know comes dripping wet and warps all over the place as it dries, I place it in the kiln and weight it down good and in about a week it is nice and lite and dry and much straighter than normal. Solar Kiln by Bill Stuewe I reviewed close to 50 solar kiln plans

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