I have always thought the word "Blog" to be a weird one--who came up with that?  Why?  Until at a party last night I told a friend that I had added a "Blog" to my website and he said, "A blog, that is a "log" with a "b" in it".  So now I , being a woodworker, can comfortably "b"log, knowing now that it has something to do with woodworking.

Building a Setter for my Woodmizer Saw Blades

In order for a saw blade to cut wood efficiently the teeth must be "set" properly. Straight teeth in a saw will cut a groove or "kerf" the same thickness as they are wide, which is the same thickness as the body of the blade and as the blade cuts deep into the wood a lot of friction would build up. To overcome this, alternating teeth are bent or "set" one to the right and one to the left a slight but equal amount. This widens the kerf and greatly lessons the friction and therefore the heat build-up in the band. I could buy one for about $1500 but I chose to spend a day in the shop "fabricating" instead. All of the materials used were things I already had on hand. Also I offer up a disc

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