I have always thought the word "Blog" to be a weird one--who came up with that?  Why?  Until at a party last night I told a friend that I had added a "Blog" to my website and he said, "A blog, that is a "log" with a "b" in it".  So now I , being a woodworker, can comfortably "b"log, knowing now that it has something to do with woodworking.

Building an Air-Dry Rack

When you as a customer bring logs to me, after they are sawn you need to take them home and dry the wood before it can be used in your project. Some woods like Eastern Red Cedar (Juniper) will dry very quickly but most local hardwoods will dry at the rate of about one year per inch of thickness. So if you have me cut 2 1/2' thick wood it will take about 2 1/2 years to air-dry. This needs to be done on a flat solid base out in the open where air can flow through the stack of wood. Often people will say that they have a nice metal shed or hot garage to dry the wood in. I say "Fine but you will need to put fans near the stack to blow air through it for the next 2 1/2 years." If placed out

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